Florida Estate & Probate Law Attorney

Florida Estate Planning & Probate Administration Attorney

Whether you’re planning your future medical care or establishing directives for support or maintenance for loved ones upon your death, the experienced attorneys at The Burbine Law Firm, P.A. can help with all your Estate Planning issues, including:

Florida Probate Litigation Attorney

Probate litigation typically involves the challenge to the validity of a will or trust, the meaning and construction of a will or trust, the proper administration of a will or trust, creditor claims, the rights of surviving spouses, and determining what assets are included with the probate estate.

Florida Trust Administration Attorney

Trusts are useful estate tools that help you preserve your assets and protect your beneficiaries. In many cases, the heirs to estates that are placed entirely in trusts can avoid probate — and thus, trusts can effect less expensive, more expeditious allocation of assets and keep private information out of public records. Our trust administration attorneys at The Burbine Law Firm, P.A. can: